Undergraduate Admissions in — Ghana

Welcome to NestHub Africa. As an educational Consultancy based in Accra, Ghana. We focus on international undergraduate students’ admissions, training, and development leading to a successful bachelor’s degree. We aim not only to secure a fast admission to leading Universities in Ghana, but also to ensure students study, learn, and stay in Ghana smoothly.

Admissions Procedure

General Information
Admitted students start studies either in January / February or August / September in most institutions in Ghana. However, admission processing occurs throughout the year.

Steps to Apply

  1. • Review the programmes on offer and choose a programme (Either BBA or DBA)
  2. • Visit the admission qualification page to check your qualification for the programme
  3. • Click on how to apply and follow the online application instructions
  4. • You will receive your offer of admission letter within 5 working days.

Securing your accommodation & pickup

• Nesthub Africa Team will secure accomodation for you whiles you are still in your country.

• We will also pick you up from either the bus station or airport upon your arrival in Ghana straight to your housing

Programme Offerings

The undergraduate bachelor’s degree programmes are aimed at preparing students for careers in Business, Hospitality, and Law. Our partner institutions also offer Diploma Certifications that lead to degree programmes.

Programmes on offer

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Four (4) years

You may choose from any of the program options in Bachelor of Business Administration program

  1. • BBA Business Management
  2. • BBA Marketing
  3. • BBA Human Resource Management  
  4. • BBA Tourism & Hospitality
  5. • BBA Accounting

  1. Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) – Two (2) years


The diploma leads to level 200, if candidate maintains a CGPA of 2.5

A minimum of D7 is required in six (6) subjects for the diploma program, C6 for degree program, or Matured entry of 25 years and above. Other qualifications are acceptable. Kindly visit admission qualification page for more details.

Qualification for Admission

All qualifications described here from Options A to E are accepted.


• Minimum of C6, including English and Mathematics.
• Other diplomas/certificates deemed equivalent to any of the above qualifications including foreign qualifications will be considered on their own merits and on a case by case basis.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:
• A minimum of the 25 years of age.
• A minimum of three (3) years working experience.
• A pass in an entrance examination in Mathematics, English and General Paper organized by Zenith University College. Candidates may also be required to attend an interview.


• Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) from a recognized Institution/Examining Body
• University Diploma/HND: for students wishing to study programs other than their areas of specialization at the diploma/HND Level.
• Other equivalent qualifications to be assessed on their own merit and on a case-by-case basis.

• HND (in same area of specialization applied for).
• University Diploma: Grade B or better (in the same area of specialization applied for).
• ABE/CTH Advanced Diploma, Association of Computer Professionals (ACP) and similar Advanced Diploma Certificates (3 semesters).
NB: Top-Up applicants may be required to do additional required courses from our BBA level 100 /200 to make up for any deficiencies in their qualifications.

Applicants must normally be 18 years of age and hold the minimum entry requirement of - GCE '0' Levels including English and Mathematics, RSA II, LCC II, NVTI, DBS - Senior High School Certificates (SHSC) in at least 6 subjects including English and Mathematics.
'A' Level passes 1 for entry to diploma level. Holders of higher qualifications may gain exemption from some of the examinations. OR First degree or HND for entry to advanced diploma level.

Fees & other Charges

Application Processing Fees

Forms & Processing Fees: 550GHS = 36,389.65 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

Tuition Fees

A. Admission to LEVEL 100: 3650GHS = 241,494.95 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

B. Admission to LEVEL 200: 3600GHS = 238,186.80 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

C. Admission to LEVEL 300: 3550GHS = 234,878.65 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

Accommodation Charges

A. Main Hostel: 800GHS = 52,930.40 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

B. Annex Hostel: 850GHS = 56,238.55 NGN @ NGN/GHS = 66.163

NB: Exact amount of fees received will be credited to the student account


The decision to make an offer of admission is done independently of scholarship decisions. Only candidates who are granted admission are qualified to partake in the scholarship exam. Students who pass the exam shall proceed to be interviewed and granted the scholarship if qualified. The process is to ensure that scholarships are awarded to deserving students. Scholarships ranges from 5% to 75% for either a semester, some semesters or entire programme duration.

Refund Policy

Admission Application Stage

It is required that applicants check their qualification requirements before applying for an admission. 50% is refundable if the Admission Status of the student is “Processing” or "Pending”. After you have made the “Online Application Processing Fee” Payment to NestHub Africa, it means that NestHub Africa has a commitment to you and will guarantee that you will get the admission according to the qualification requirements. The fees can only be refunded if NestHub Africa fails to obtain admission to a University on your behalf. Thus, even though you choose to terminate it at “Processing” or “Pending” stage, it is just the change of your personal decision, and it has nothing to do with the Guaranteed Fact that your Admission will be done regularly as that of others. The full amount of fee is refundable if admission status of the student is "Refused". Alternatively, NestHub Africa will get the student admitted into another university of his/her choice. No Amount is refundable after the Admission Status becomes "Accepted". At this stage, even if the student claims that he/she gives up studying in Ghana, NestHub Africa cannot be sure whether he/she will or will not use the Admission Letter which have already been issued or posted for the student to come to Ghana.

At the Visa Application Stage

50% is refundable if the student failed to get a visa after applying to the embassy for 3 times. If the student cannot come to Ghana due to three refusals from Ghana Embassy, NestHub Africa will return 50% of the paid amount to the student. In this case, a proof document issued by the embassy should be provided to prove that he/she has been refused for three times. However, what should be noted is that after the first refusal, the student should inform NestHub Africa at once and accept the “NestHub Africa Visa-Application Training” via Skype Video/Audio Class. If the student is refused by Ghana Embassy for three times without taking a the training, no NestHub Africa application processing fee is refundable. No amount will be refundable if the student has been issued a Visa from Ghana Embassy but decided not to come to Ghana out of his/ her own choice. At this stage, even if the student claims that he/she gives up studying in Ghana, NestHub Africa cannot be sure whether he/she will come to Ghana or not.

At the Arrival Stage

No amount will be refundable if the student has landed in Ghana.

How to Apply

We assume you have read all details on the admissions procedure page, from Step 1 to Step 4.


Complete the online form and send all scanned documents to our official email addresses admissions@nesthubafrica.com.
The following will be needed when completing the online form and sending the email.
• Soft copy of passport photo (600x600) MUST be PLAIN WHITE background
• Scanned copies of exams results
• Scanned copy of a valid ID (Passport/ Birth Certificate/ National ID)
• All WASSCE applicants should submit WAEC results checker card(s) for their various countries
You may use your smart phone to take pictures of these documents and attach to the email.

Online Application Instructions:

• Fill in your basic details and proceed to pay your online application fee.
• Access information details will be sent to you email.
• Use this credential to login. You will have to login again after 10 minutes of inactive session.
• Complete all aspects of the form that relates to your application. Keep updating the online form. Repeat this step until you are satisfied. Confirm changes before finally submitting.
• You will not be able to make any change upon submitting.
• Always do well to logout of the portal.